Countdown to Summer - The Barmy Fox Summer Embroidery Box
Countdown to Summer - The Barmy Fox Summer Embroidery Box

Countdown to Summer - The Barmy Fox Summer Embroidery Box

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This is a pre-order. Your advent calendar will ship 1 May and arrive before 12 June when you'll open your first gift!


Need the perfect summer project…I GOT YOU!!!

Welcome to the first Countdown to Summer Embroidery Box!

Everyday from 12th of June to 21st of June 1st you'll get a little embroidery gift to celebrate your love of stitching! Each daily package is filled with embroidery supplies and exclusive patterns or small projects you can do throughout the summer, and you wont find anywhere else! 

Included in the advent calendar are exclusive embroidery patterns, stick and stitch packs, projects, a stitchalong (!!!), along with loads of supplies!

This is the perfect starter kit for anyone interested in starting embroidery or a fabulous gift for your stitchy loving friend....or lets be it for yourself! 


What's inside the box!?

-10 amazing days of gifts, one for each day including

  • exclusive embroidery patterns
  • stick and stitch packs
  • projects
  • a stitchalong (!!!)
  • embroidery supplies (think threads, needles, hoops, trimmings, etc!)

-each gift is hand wrapped and numbered 1-10 so you know which one to open on each day....or you can open them all at once! (This is probably what I would do!)

-patterns will be emailed to you so please make sure you have added me to your address book after I send the first email! 


There will be lots of ideas on how to use each of the items in the Countdown to Summer box, but feel free to use the materials and supplies you get in your own way! This isn’t exactly an ‘embroidery kit’ type of box. It’s totally fine to use your imagination and creativity to make something else with the items provided! Totally up to you! 

If you would like a complete list of the items you will receive before you purchase your box, please email me and I’ll send it over to you!!!


This is a **pre order**. Your order will not ship until 1 May. This is so I have time to hand wrap all 10 project bags and gifts for every single order and so that they will arrive to you before 12 June!

Countdown to Summer boxes will ship no later than Monday 1 May to ensure they will arrive to you before 12 June. 

Contents of the advent calendar MAY or MAY NOT include:  thread, scissors, needles, fabric, and/or embroidery related tools, stick and stitch packs, exclusive patterns and/or projects, needle minders and other embroidery related items!  

I’m so sorry but I cannot personalise these boxes or send gift messages in them. If this is a gift for someone else please let them know they’re receiving something and to keep a look out for it! 

Basic worldwide shipping (with NO TRACKING) is included in your purchase. If you would like to add tracking please do so when you check out! It will be an additional charge.