About Me

Tory McNidder - It's totally fine! 

I hate writing about me pages…I’m so used to just chatting to you all and sharing what’s going on in my life on insta that you’re all a part of my world anyway so I felt massively embarrassed trying to figure out what else I could possible tell y’all!

I knew that some of you would be discovering me for the first time and my friend Kirsty said ‘I gotch you’ and this is what she wrote!

Tory AKA ‘The Barmy Fox’ is a total stitch advocate. As an art teacher for many years her passions lie in enabling others to discover their own creativity and learn new skills.

It’s what makes her so good at sharing techniques and creating DIY stitch-a-longs that you can join in at any level. 

Like any creative, the itch to make gifts for friends and family resulted in a ‘how to’ blog that evolved into a shop. The need to share what she’s learnt and help you to do it yourself has always been a part of Tory’s values. 

She is a cheerleader for your creativity and your ability to make things! She also has a super cute stitch helper…or rather distraction factor called Jessie the husky! 

So how did an American end up in the UK calling herself ‘The Barmy Fox’? I know that is the burning question!

Well, Tory travelled half way around the world to Shanghai, China, following in the footsteps of romance and to teach English and landed herself a job at an international school teaching Art again. Like any good romance story there has to be some heartache and no sooner had she landed in Shanghai that her heart was broken, but y’know what? Shanghai is where she met her soulmate and after joining her husband David in the UK she needed to earn an income and feel connected to her new home land. 

What could be a more British word than Barmy?? And so quintessentially British countryside than a fox?? We all love a cute animal! We can thank her husband for the name! That’s where this new venture started…tapping into her love of embroidery and recognising she didn’t just want to stitch the work for you, although she totally loves a good commission…..especially when it’s a family recipe, kids drawing or the perfect in joke phrase to gift to a loved one.

Tory’s passion for raising people up and encouraging creativity in us all has seen her harness social power to craft a community of confident stitchers.

You don’t just buy a kit from Tory, you can find videos of how to stitch on YouTube and join in live with a stitch-a-long on Instagram. This is what I love most about Tory, she’s there to help you and encourage. Even if you’re a rogue, too cocky stitcher like me! 

From a short simple pattern to a more complex one, the stitches are all the same and Tory will encourage you, share tips and tricks to make is easier and make you a better stitcher!

I know I am…seriously the threading the needle method I learned off Tory still blows my mind! I no longer need to hunt for my needle threader!!

So join Tory and get stitching!!


Jessie - aka Jessie Bessie, Jessie Girl, Jessie Bear, Sausage, Stinky
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  • chief happiness officer 


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  • her honky pig 
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