Countdown to Summer - What’s in the Box?!

If you’re curious as to what’s in the Countdown to Summer box and just cannot wait until it arrives- here’s what’s included!!! 





Keep scrolling!! 








Nearly there!!! 














Here we are!!!

Embroidery supply kit with things like: threads, needles, needleminder, thread saver, embroidery frame, scissors, bag, pen, hoop, fabric, etc.


Pattern from nataliegaynordesigns (example is in a hoop)


Tea towel stick and stitch patterns (tea towel MAY be included)


Set of 3 small hoop pack with keychain and necklace patterns


Bookmark pattern


Pattern from hopebroidery (example is in a hoop)


Friendship bracelet pattern and materials


Embroidered hair tie pattern with materials


Print pack from sparkly mouse


Stitchalong - bag strap with materials


These are the approximate contents of the box! Obviously things might change with supply issues etc, but this is the aim! I hope you love it and I cannot wait to stitch these things up with you! 
Tory xx