The 2022 Barmy Fox Embroidery Advent Calendar
The 2022 Barmy Fox Embroidery Advent Calendar
The 2022 Barmy Fox Embroidery Advent Calendar
The 2022 Barmy Fox Embroidery Advent Calendar
The 2022 Barmy Fox Embroidery Advent Calendar

The 2022 Barmy Fox Embroidery Advent Calendar

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This is a pre-order. Your advent calendar will ship in October and arrive before 1 December when you'll open your first gift!


Welcome to The Barmy Fox Embroidery Advent Calendar 2022!

This year I'm hoping it will be bigger and better than ever! 

For the second year, forget the little chocolates, you're getting embroidery supplies! 

Everyday from 1st December to 25th December, you'll get a little embroidery gift to celebrate your love of stitching! Each daily package is filled with embroidery supplies and exclusive patterns or small projects you can do throughout the month of December, and you won't find them anywhere else! 

This year I've teamed up with even more small businesses to make these even better! You'll find patterns, stickers, embroidery tools and supplies that will help you up your embroidery game AND dip into other artists styles! I'll be announcing each of the small businesses on instagram in the next couple weeks!

This is the perfect starter kit for anyone interested in starting embroidery or a fabulous gift for your stitchy loving friend....or lets be it for yourself! 


What's inside the box!?

-25 amazing gifts, one for each day including

  • 5 exclusive embroidery patterns 
  • 2 exclusive stick and stitch packs
  • a festive project
  • a stitchalong (!!!)
  • stickers 
  • embroidery supplies (think threads, needles, hoops, trimmings, etc!)

-each gift is hand wrapped and numbered 1-25, so you know which one to open on each day....or you can open them all at once! (This is probably what I would do!)

-access to an exclusive Advent Calendar Facebook group, where I'll go live and stitch up some of the patterns and projects with you! 


There will be lots of ideas on how to use each of the items in the embroidery advent calendar, and the facebook group, or you can use them all for the stitchalong! Totally up to you! 



This is a **pre order**. Your order will not ship until October. This is so I have time to hand wrap all 25 gifts for every single order and so that they will arrive to you before December!

Advent calendars will ship no later than Monday 10th October to ensure they will arrive to you before 1 December. 

Access to the facebook group will be given later in the year. This is where you'll get the pattern links and get to access the live videos for the stitchalong and/or projects. This might change if I can find a better way before September/October.

Contents of the advent calendar MAY or MAY NOT include:  thread, scissors, needles, fabric, yarn, hoops and/or embroidery related tools, stick and stitch packs, exclusive patterns and/or projects, needle minders and other embroidery related items!